Missy Parker

Sponsorship Campaigns

Missy Parker grew up in Charlotte, NC. She is very active in her community volunteering for Food Pantry, Angels of 97 and Girl Scouts. She enjoys taking flowers and visiting residents of local nursing homes.

Missy has been involved in missions since high school. Her love of missions was started by her Sunday School teacher, Doug Bostic, who offered to pay for anyone who wanted to serve. Her first mission trip was to rural VA where she painted a tin roof and gutted walls in a house. And she was hooked. After college, she spent a summer in Africa at the Good Shepherd Hospital. Family and children kept Missy state bound but she has volunteered for many local missions to help those in need. A few years ago she joined a mission trip to Bayonnais Haiti where she immediately connected to the community. She is currently serving on the World of God board helping with Sponsorship Program for the children of Bayonnais to attend school.

Missy resides in Long Creek (North Charlotte) with her 4 dogs. She has one daughter and attends Trinity United Methodist Church.