About Sponsorship

Your support of World of God can make a significant difference in the life of a young person in Haiti. Your sponsorship will enable a child to attend ICB (Institute Classique de Bayonnais) an accredited and highly rated school and create opportunities for their future through a quality education. View Students waiting for a Sponsor

A Personal Relationship

For $40 per month you and your family can support the ICB school school and begin a personal relationship with the student and their community. You will exchange letters and photographs. You’ll find out what the student is learning and his/her future plans. You will have an opportunity to visit your child if you are interested in traveling to Haiti.

One Time Gifts

Your donation in any amount will help to insure that the 2,000 students attending ICB school will have everything they need to be successful. Your support will help pay teacher’s salaries (ranging from $1,300 t0 $2,750), provide school supplies and equipment, pay for generator and solar power, and provide for other operating expenses. Donations to the ICB Annual Fund can be made here. Every donation makes a difference.

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Sustainable Aid

Scholarships Have Already Made a Difference in Bayonnais!

Of the 40+ adults in leadership positions in Bayonnais, most attended OFCB school. Many received advanced degrees and have returned as teachers, doctors, nurses, agronomists, and dentists, all committed to making a difference in the Bayonnais community.

View Students waiting for a Sponsor