Geoffrey Odongo, our partner in Uganda

Geoffrey Odongo

Geoffrey is a pastor, husband, and father to three biological children, but close to one hundred (not exaggerating) children and young adults call him "Dad." His faith and relationship with the Lord can be compared to that of Noah. Ever since he started talking about Acres of Hope, people thought he was crazy. Locals told him it wasnt possible, but Geoffrey did not listen to them. Geoffrey knew that God allowed him to survive an awful childhood so that he could help hundreds, if not thousands of other orphans and vulnerable children feel the love of Christ and live a better life.

Geoffreys father was a polygamist and his mother was a young girl when Geoffrey was born. He grew sick from malnutrition and the young mother quickly became frustrated. To this day, Geoffrey has a scar in his side where his mother stabbed him with a burning stick in an effort to kill him. Miraculously surviving the stabbing, the wound became severely infected, but God had big plans for Geoffrey here on Earth. Although Geoffrey was not an orphan by many definitions, he never knew the real love and protection provided by parents. He grew up with his Grandmother, but struggled to attend school. Many days he had to miss school to fish for food. By the grace of God, a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, Geoffrey was able to attend West Africa Theological Seminary. He is now the pastor of a church in Nebbi where he resides with his family, just down the road from Acres of Hope.

Geoffrey is an example of what it means to be selfless, compassionate, faithful, determined, patient, and incorruptible. He is a man after Gods own heart.


Northern Uganda has been devastated by years of War, AIDS, and Poverty. Over 2 million children below the age of 15 have lost one or both parents. Without help these children will have little hope for the future; growing up without food, shelter, or an education. Fortunately, a man with a vision of hope for these children established Acres of Hope, Uganda. Uganda Gift Catalog