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Reports and photos from Bayonnias have begun to come after Hurricane Matthew. The good news is that there was no loss of life and no flooding. The bad news is the heavy winds destroyed all crops, so the community is facing a massive food shortage.
World of God is collecting funds for emergency relief including food and medication.


Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere with a population of over 10 million and 80% live in poverty. Eight out of every 100 children die before they reach their 5th birthday. There are more than 420,000 orphans in Haiti. School fees in Haiti prohibitively expensive, therefore the literacy rate in Haiti is just 50%.

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Northern Uganda has been devastated by years of War, AIDS, and Poverty. Over 2 million children below the age of 15 have lost one or both parents to this devastation. Without help these children will have little hope for the future; growing up without food, shelter, or an education. Fortunately, a man with a vision of hope for these children established "Acres of Hope, Uganda".

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About World of God

Through our partners World of God provides young people with a quality education that shapes their future, enables their success and transforms their communities. Through education, World of God envisions a future in which its students graduate with the skills needed to foster local sustainability, alleviate severe poverty and restore community prosperity.

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Hurricane Matthew

We received this video on October 4th from Facile who is staying with his mom about a mile up the mountain of the guest house near the water source.

Stories of Hope

by Becca Dalessandro

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2016 Primary School Graduates
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As you might know, the school year in Uganda runs from February to November. Fourteen sponsored students completed Primary 7 this November! This is a huge accomplishment since over 60% of students in Uganda drop out of school before completing Primary 7. Final test results for these students will be released mid-January and Secondary school will begin the first week of February. Since Acres of Hope school currently only goes through Primary 7, these students will be placed in Secondary schools throughout Uganda based on exam performance. 

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YOU Did It! Thank you!!!
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YOU DID IT!!! When Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, we all prayed for our friends in Bayonnais and braced for news of the impact. We were relieved that lives had not been taken, but saddened to hear that the crop that they had worked so hard on had been completely wiped out. You, as sponsors and friends of World of God, immediately began reaching out to us asking what you could do and what we could do, we knew we had to help. And so began the Fill the Bus campaign...

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